Wade Boggs Finally Revealed How Many Beers He’s Drank In One Day (HINT: It Exceeds 100)

Wade Boggs finally went on the record to put the myths to sleep. The Hall of Fame third baseman all but confirmed what the rumors have speculated for a long time now, corroborating Charlie Day’s claim that he had thrown back 107 beers in a 24-hour period.

A TMZ paparazzi caught up with Boggs on his way to an Old-Timer’s game, presumably for charity.

What a goddamn legend! Wade Boggs was one of the best hitting hot corners to ever play the game, as boasted by his induction into Cooperstown in 2005, and now I can officially say he’s also one of the best drinkers in American history. We totally know who to tap if an international competition akin to Beerfest ever arises.

Wade Boggs was voted to the MLB All-Star game in 12 consecutive seasons. Today, he’s a first-ballot member of the Beer Hall of Fame.

Nice work, Wade.