Is Wale Starting His Own Wrestling Promotion With The Help Of A Major WWE Name?

Over the past few years, wrestling and rap have been closely intertwined. Rap stars have appeared at WWE events, pay-per-views and on WWE television. Flo Rida might as well be a competitor, he’s punked out Heath Slater on one too many occasions.

Wale might be the next hip hop star tossing his name into the wrestling scene. But he’s not interested in being a part of the WWE Universe, he’s looking to start his own promotion.

According to WrestlingInc, Wale is organizing a wrestling show for 2015 in New York and he’s enlisted the help of a major WWE star and former owner of his own wrestling promotion.

As noted earlier, Grammy-nominated rapper Wale is organizing a wrestling show for 2015. Wale revealed on Twitter that the event will take place in New York City, writing:

“Wrestling event in NYC soon. Already booked so many suprises . Phone been ringin off the hook”

Paul Heyman has been working closely with the rapper on the idea. While not directly involved, Heyman is advising Wale on the ins and outs of promoting. Heyman has introduced Wale to clubs and arenas, while also recommending wrestlers to Wale. It should be noted that Heyman is not partnering with Wale on the show; he is merely helping a close friend, according to those close to Heyman.

Wale is a huge wrestling, and WWE, fan but the Grammy-winning artist has made his feelings known that he’s not too fond of the current WWE product.

“It’s been bad, man,” he said when DJ Peter Rosenberg asked him about the last few episodes of “Raw.” “You think it will get better, but then you see the top stars, Roman’s hurt, Bryan’s hurt. What do you do? It almost seems like they’re throwing in the towel.”

More to come…

H/T WrestlingInc