Watch Warren Sapp Explain His Hilariously-Detailed Account Of Getting Busted Soliciting Prostitutes After The Super Bowl

Warren Sapp


Back in February, former NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was arrested after the Super Bowl for soliciting prostitutes — he paid $600 for oral sex and recorded some sex acts on his cell phone after picking up a pair of “strippers” at the hotel bar. He was also involved in an altercation dealing with a dispute over payment for services.

Today, TMZ released a video in which Sapp tells his side of the story to law enforcement officials, and it is quite entertaining to say the least. To Sapp’s credit, he appears to be very open and honest…but that may not be doing him any favors. Some notable confessions:

“I put the $600 dollars on the table, everybody got naked so we could do what we do.”

 “So the other girl was on top of me and kept talking, kept talking. Yo, why don’t you use your mouth on me, instead of using it?”

“I start taking pictures of the two ladies naked laying on the bed with me…I’m silly like that sometimes.”

You should definitely watch his short explanation below:

h/t TMZ