Warren Sapp Paid $600 For Oral Sex With Two Hookers And Recorded It On His Phone, According To Cops

Warren Sapp

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According to police, Warren Sapp, who was busted for soliciting a prostitute at the Super Bowl, paid $600 for oral sex from two hookers. He also reportedly recorded one of them in the act on his cell phone.

Sapp claims in the police report that he met two women in the hotel bar who claimed to be strippers. He then offered each of the women, one 23 and the other 34 years-old, $300 each in exchange for the sex acts.

According to TMZ, the trouble began when the 23 year-old started asking for more money. Sapp says he refused to pay more and that’s when the woman lost her temper, spit in his face and then used his phone to call security.

She then reportedly tried to leave the room when Sapp grabbed her and threw her into the hallway.

Unbelievably, Warren Sapp reportedly showed the video he took of the 23 year-old giving him oral sex to the police.

The now former NFL Network analyst is due to appear in court on Monday to see if he will have to serve any jail time.

600 bucks for a couple of BJs that cost you a sweet job. Damn, Warren…