Warriors Fan Buys Plane Ticket To Houston To Confront Stranger Who Joked About Boogie Cousins’ Injury On Twitter

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Typically Twitter beefs experience the following life cycle:

1.) Twitter user A gives opinion.
2.) Twitter user B gives opposite opinion.
3.) Twitter user A makes attack on Twitter user B’s intelligence (i.e. dude you’re a fucking moron if you think…)
4.) Twitter user B gets personal by attacking Twitter user A’s appearance in his profile picture (ie. Nice confederate flag profile pic you cousin-banging hick)
5.) Twitter user A retorts with personal jab coupled with irrelevant, insensitive and unfounded jab (Cool glasses, fag)
6.) Steps 4-5 repeat an indefinite number of times
7.) Both Twitter users internalize the rage and direct it at an innocent loved one on a later date.

Welp, there are always exceptions to the rule, and it looks like a Twitter spat that started after Boogie Cousins tore his quad in Monday’s historic loss against the Clippers, is ending with a beatdown.

I believe this is what the kids call, “When Twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers.”

It all started with this tweet by a man who goes by the handle @PointGods:

A Twitter user with the handle @TheSlanderGawd was not happy with a fellow deity, @PointGods, making light of a serious situation.


What started as an online disagreement, escalated into @TheSlanderGawd buying  a $470 plane ticket, plus the $34 travel protection to defend Boogie’s honor.


It’s not as pathetic as it seems, though, @TheSlanderGawd’s got fam in Houston.


Oh God, @PointGods actually gave him his residence info.

Looks like @PointGods has an ace up his sleeve.

Thank a God for that $34 travel protection.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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