Sad Warriors Fan Goes Viral For Getting Brutally Rejected On A Double High Five By The Woman Next To Him

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  • One Warriors fan is going viral for all the wrong reasons
  • The fan was snubbed for a high five while celebrating the Dubs’ win in Game 5
  • Social media is reacting accordingly

This is the definition of pain.

One Golden State fan is trending on social media after being brutally rejected on a high five. A double high five, to make things worse.

The Warriors picked up a huge Game 5 win over Boston on Monday night. The win has the team just a game away from its seventh NBA title in franchise history. A victory over the next two games would give Golden State its fourth championship since 2015.

That’s certainly something to be excited about if you’re a Dubs fan.

Unfortunately, a supporter is going viral for his celebration gone wrong. After watching his team make a big play late in the third quarter, the fan goes for the double high five to the woman sitting next to him, presumably his wife or someone he knows well.

But he’s left with only rejection as the woman fails to acknowledge his attempt.

The vicious denial had everyone chiming in on social media. Take a look at the immediate reaction.

NBA world responds to Warriors fan’s failed high five attempt

Denials like this are tough to watch. We’ve all been there before. The missed high five or handshake that leaves you hanging with arm fully extended. It often results in a self-high-five, or maybe the immediate reaction to scratch your head or run your fingers through your hair.

Others might just wait it out until someone does finally acknowledge them, no matter how long that takes.

Luckily, it usually doesn’t happen on national television for the world to see. This guy just accepted his fate, and the online reaction is hilarious.