Warriors’ Klay Thompson Spotted Leaving Club With Two Women

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  • Klay Thompson spotted leaving LA nightclub by paparrazzi
  • Two women were seen following Thompson and entering his car
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Even while injured Klay Thompson is putting up some big numbers off the court.

For the past two years, Thompson has been sidelined with serious leg injuries. During the 2019 NBA finals, Thompson tore his ACL and missed the entire 2019-20 season. Thompson went on to tear his Achilles during a pick-up game during the most recent NBA offseason and missed the 2020-21 regular season as well.

Thompson’s rehab is apparently going well considering the fact Klay was seen picking up two girls while leaving a club in LA recently.

Video via Awesomo/Side Action

The most interesting part of the video showing Klay picking up the two women was when he denied them entry into his car due to the paparazzi taking pictures and made them walk a few blocks down the street to get in with him.

It seems like nature is healing and so is Klay Thompson.