The Warriors Get Petty And Troll Fergie A Day After Her Ex-Husband Called Out Draymond Green


Earlier this week while speaking to FS1’s Kristine Leahy on her new show “Fair Game”, Fergie’s actor ex-husband Josh Duhamel fired shots at Draymond Green and questioned his manhood for not apologizing to his wife for laughing at her re rendition of the national anthem during the All-Star game.

I was pissed off at Draymond Green, first of all. I think he owed her an apology. I thought he was kind of a prick.

Just because he knew the camera was on him, and he snickered about. I just thought that, if he would have been a real man, he would have at least called her and said, “Listen, I’m sorry that I caused all this.”

That’s what a real man would have done, in my opinion.

Here’s the video of Draymond laughing at Fergie that Duhamel is talking about.

After today’s Knicks-Warriors game at MSG, the Warriors trolled Fergie by playing the remix to her rendition of the national anthem in the locker room.

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