Washington Commanders Expected To Sell After The Super Bowl – Jeff Bezos Will Bid For Ownership

Dan Snyder

John McDonnell/Getty Images

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is expected to sell the team a few weeks after the Super Bowl and owners meeting in March, with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos considered most capable to end up purchasing the team once available.


Back in November, Dan Snyder and his wife Tanya hired Bank of America to sell the Washington Commanders but it wasn’t initially clear if the intent was to sale the majority or minority stake in the team. Now we’re learning the team will indeed be sold, and we have a date. “Weeks after the Super Bowl and owners meeting” according to the FOX Business Network.

It was previously reported in November by Jay Glazer that Daniel Snyder will sell his entire stake in the team and the hope is for the sale to be done within six months. That mashes with the timeline of the recent report by the FOX Business Network.

Now we also know that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will be a strong play to own the team once it’s sold. Amazon is based in Washington and Bezos also owns the Washington Post.


Pat McAfee had a live reaction on his show to the breaking news about the sale of the Washington Commanders: