Website Redirections Further Fuel Conspiracies About Washington Football Team’s New Name

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  • Within a month, the Washington Football Team will have a new name.
  • Based on context clues, conspiracy theories and some serious sleuthing, it seems to be down to five names.
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The Washington Football Team is not going to be The Washington Football Team for very much longer. On Tuesday morning, the team announced that it is planning to reveal its new name in the coming weeks.

Per the announcement, Washington is going to share its new identity and uniform on 2/2/22. The video shared a sneak peek at the new jerseys and ruled out one of the previously-mentioned names due to legal reasons.

In response to the tease, NFL fans had all kinds of conspiracies and jokes.

Among the sleuthing, a few interesting theories came to light. They involve website redirections and pending trademarks.

For starters, we know that eight possible names include:

  • Armada
  • Brigade
  • Commanders
  • Defenders
  • Presidents
  • Redhogs
  • Redwolves
  • Washington Football Team

Based on the team’s hype around the new name, it’s easy to rule out the Football Team. It has also been announced that it will not be the Redwolves.

In addition, based on current filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, seven names that are not on the “top eight” list seem unlikely as well.

That leaves six possible names from the previously provided list.

However, there is one interesting note for a name that is not on the list.

When you go to, it links to the Football Team’s website. Now, the domain name is owned by someone in Georgia, so it could be a ruse.

But, if the team is trying to keep a secret, that is an easy workaround.

With that being said, the Admirals already exist in the greater D.C. area. The Washington Admirals are Washington D.C.’s official Major League Quidditch team.

Yes, Quidditch, the sport in Harry Potter. There is apparently a Major League for a fictional game from a book and movie about wizards.

As we saw with the Cleveland Guardians, that could make things tricky if the quidditch team has any sort of ownership over its name.

To further fuel the conspiracies, Washington Post reporter tweeted the following about the Admirals website redirect, and then he deleted it.

Why would he delete it, if it was true?!

Going deeper, take a look at the new teased uniforms:

Based on the stars on the sleeve, the uniform seems military-esque. That would allude to the Admirals, Brigade, Commanders, and maybe the Defenders or Armada.

Although it is just speculation (and some grasping at straws) at this point, it seems like the Washington Football team will take one of those five names on February 2, 2022. The Washington Admirals certainly has the best ring to it.