Fans React To WFT Teasing The Upcoming Reveal Of Its New Name And Jersey

Fans React To WFT Teasing February Reveal Of Its New Jersey And Name

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  • The Washington Football Team is planning to reveal its new name and jersey on February 2nd
  • Plenty of fans reacted to the news, which included a sneak peek at the new uniform and the official elimination of a potential new moniker
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It’s been a year and a half since the franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins succumbed to decades of pressure over its fairly problematic name and logo with a rebrand that resulted in the squad playing as the “Washington Football Team” for the past two seasons.

It seemed like there was a chance Dan Snyder would permanently adopt one of the most generic monikers in the history of sports, but in 2021, the team asked fans to submit potential ideas for a new name. In September, we learned the list of candidates had been narrowed down to eight finalists, and it appears we now have a winner based on the news that broke on Tuesday morning.

Based on a series of tweets that were sent out, the “Washington Football Team” will be no more once February 2nd rolls around, and the franchise posted a couple of videos teasing what is (and isn’t) in store on the date.

In one of the videos, a member of the franchise’s legal team revealed “Red Wolves” was eliminated from contention due to legal reasons, and while it’s hard to guess what name will be crowned the victor, I’d put my money on “Defenders” based on some hints on the new jersey that was teased and the military-centric clips in teasers (although “Commanders” may also be a better fit to avoid the inevitable jokes that would stem from the team’s defense failing to live up to that label).

As you’d expect, fans pounced on the opportunity to use the news as an excuse to make jokes and continue to air their many grievances against Washington’s ownership.

Let the countdown begin.