University Of Washington Baseball Player Ejected After All-Time Brutal Ump Show

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Believe it or not, baseball is supposed to be fun.

Yes, older, boring players and blood-sucking Major League Baseball owners are trying to make sure that’s not the case.

But at its core, it is just a game!

So when Washington Huskies junior infielder Will Simpson hit a game-tying, two-run home run against Santa Clara on Monday, he took some time to celebrate.

But Simpson didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. After launching the ball to deep left, he did a small back flip and then high-fived his first base coach. He then rounded the bases, pointed to the “Washington” lettering on his chest and high-fived the third base coach.

By al accounts, it was a fairly standard home run celly. But that was too much for one umpire, who decided that it warranted Simpson being ejected from the game.

Thankfully his ejection didn’t seem to affect the outcome of the game. Washington went on to take a 10-7 victory thanks to a 4-run top of the ninth inning. But it’s still one of the most egregious ejections that you will ever seen.

And fans were not at al happy about it.

I hope the next time he homers, he flips that bat so high into the mesosphere, he takes out four Chinese spy balloons,” one fan said.

If baseball wants the social media presence the NFL and NBA have, one of the things it can do is allow celebrations without making such a fuss about it,” said another.

New York Mets radio broadcaster Howie Rose said “This is ridiculous. We see far more excessive celebrations in the major leagues. He didn’t show up an opponent and was not even close to being “over the top”, whatever that is anymore. I might be a fossil, but as long as they don’t preen a “homer”into a double, let’s lighten up.

Again, baseball is supposed to be fun. But you wouldn’t know it sometimes.