Here’s the Washington Post’s Gruesome Cover Depicting Robert Griffin III’s Injury

When Washington and Seattle squared off yesterday, quarterback Robert Griffin III—despite not getting clearance to play from his doctor—started the game strong and threw two quick touchdown passes in the first quarter. Anyone who watched the game, though, knows that it went downhill from there. RG III clearly looked hurt in the second and third quarters, he hobbled during his plays, and the 'Skins couldn't buy a first down. It turns out that the QB aggravated the knee in the first quarter, the coaches and doctors knew this, and knew that he was far from 100%, and yet they decided to still keep him in. (And today, people are really pissed off at Mike Shanahan for not pulling the injured player.)

The aggravated injury led to this moment in the fourth quarter, which the Washington Post hit everyone over the head with today.

So what has the man himself said today?

Get well soon, dude.