Washington State Football Coach Mike Leach Predicts Online Dating Will Lead To Human Extinction


James Snook/USA Today Sports

Air raid offense and pirate enthusiast Mike Leach is an interesting dude who says interesting things. So it’s really no surprise his weekly press conference veered off the rails yesterday.

Somehow, the Washington State coach got on the topic of technology, which led him to opine on the end of man.

Yup, this fella is the anti-Bill Belichick. In both the quote department and the win-loss column.

Jokes aside, I can see some validity in his comments. But that would be the lamest way for humans to wipe themselves out. Whenever you see a post-apocalyptic movie, it’s always some dramatic disaster. Not sure people swiping right would get everyone’s attention.

Then again, maybe that’s why Leach felt the need to warn us. He’s the only voice of reason on this doomed rock.

[H/T: Kentucky Sports Radio]


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