Washington QB Trevor Heinicke Bizarrely Found Scissors On The Field In The Middle Of The Game


NFL trainers appear to be getting sloppy with where they put their scissors this season. During Sunday’s game between Washington and Dallas, Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke found scissors on the field of play.

After taking a hit and getting visibly shaken up, Heinicke called for the medical staff. As they helped him off of the field, the 28-year-old looked down, bent over and picked an object up off of the turf.

That object was a pair of scissors and they were not of insignificant size. They weren’t just the little metal scissors that you use to cut some tape or your nose hair or something. They were pretty big.

To make things even crazier, this was not the first time that scissors were found on the field this season. Surely you didn’t have that on your bingo card.

During a Sunday Night Football game between Las Vegas and Kansas City last month, defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson found scissors near midfield prior to the snap. He stopped play to get the cleared off of the field.

In Heinicke’s case, the play was already over. Could one of the trainers have dropped on their way out to check on him? Were they there the entire time?

If so, where did they come from and how did nobody notice them before that moment?

Thank goodness that they caught Heinicke’s eyes. Had they remained on the field, who knows how they might have affected the game, or worse, injured somebody.