Water Polo Hail Mary: Amazing Shot Or Painfully Poor Defense?


When someone beats a buzzer, a giant alarm rings at Bob’s Blitz HQ and the video finds its way online within 12 hours. That’s something you can count on. Even if it happens in a water polo match.

Graham Garner, a goalie at Ohio’s Dayton Oakwood, found the back of the net with this miraculous heave to knot things up with Napoleon at the buzzer. His heroics will be wasted, however, as Napoleon prevailed in a shootout.

While I’m impressed by the arm strength necessary to score from such a distance, I can’t help but wonder what the hell the opposing goalie was doing. Surely he should have been on guard against such an attempt as the final seconds ticked away. He also seemed completely mystified at the bounce the ball took off the water’s surface. Kind of weird for a, you know, water polo goalie.

I guess at the end, everyone’s happy. Garner gets his moment of internet fame and the other team gets to savor a CRUCIAL high school match win.

And Bob, God bless him, gets another buzzer-beater to feast on.

[H/T: Bob’s Blitz]

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