A Fan Pulled The Most Savage Move On Wayne Rooney And The Man U Star’s Lucky He’s Not Blind


Sky Sports

There are ways to boo or talk shit to an opposing player, hoping to get them off their game, and then there are ways that no one should even think about because it’s just straight-up dangerous. Bringing a laser pointer to a sporting event and shining it into another person’s eye would constitute the latter.

Unfortunately, Manchester United star Wayne Rooney had some jackass do just that during a match against Middlesborough yesterday during a penalty kick shoot-out, with the laser being caught by TV cameras right in Rooney’s eye prior to attempting the critical kick.

Sky Sports

Whether it was the laser that affected him or he just biffed the shot, Rooney missed the critical attempt, giving Middlesborough a surprising victory.

Soccer is full of savage fans who have done shit like this before, but, c’mon people, let’s keep things under control and remember it’s just a fucking sporting event; no one should, potentially, have something serious happen from a laser in the eye.

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