3 Ways To Improve Your Biceps Gains Fast

Beach season is almost here bros and that means it’s time for the guns to come out.

Most of us are dieting hardcore now to get our abs to pop for summer. But you’re also throwing in a few more sets of curls every day as well, aren’t you?

We all want to have biceps as amazing as Hulk Brogan. It’s why a ton of us write articles for BroBible that talk about bicep training, like here, here, and of course here.

Plus, let’s all be honest for a second. Arnold wasn’t too far off when he mentioned how satisfying the pump feels when you’re doing curls.

If you really want to blow your biceps up–what I call Swoltality, that feeling when your arms are so pumped you can’t touch your shoulders–these three techniques will help you add some size to your guns before you hit the beach.

Decrease the Weight

Stop shaking your head at me, bro. I know you want to curl the 50 pound dumbells, but here’s the thing. When you curl with heavy weight, you end up swinging the weight up and recruiting more of your front delts, or you gyrate your hips to help get the weight up.

Decreasing the weight helps you control more bicep muscle fibers. The more fibers you recruit in your biceps, the more muscle you’ll build in your guns.

Plus the decreased weight means that you’ll be able to squeeze the weight longer at the top of the movement. The best way to build your biceps is to increase the amount of time you keep them under tension.

Increase Your Mind Muscle Connection

You probably read about mind muscle connection previously here.

Here’s what that article didn’t tell you.

Your body produces a chemical known as acetylcholine. This chemical is what stimulates your skeletal muscles to activate. Acetylcholine can also increase when you focus your attention.

The simple act of slowing down your bicep curls and focusing on the movement will help you increase muscle recruitment.

Practice a little visualization while you’re at it as well bro. According to Dr. Srinivasan Pillay of the Harvard Medical School in a book titled Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders he cites that studies have shown that we use the same part of the brain to visualize an action as we do when we perform said action.

Bro, the next time you’re repping some bicep curls, envision your muscles filling with blood as your the dumbbell. Then visualize the blood exiting your swollen muscles as you return to the starting position.

Doing this will increase the amount of acetylcholine. Which leads to more muscle recruitment, which leads to more damage to repair, ending in greater gains.

Watch Your Shoulder

I mentioned this above, but one of the main reasons your biceps don’t get worked 100% of the time is because you’re recruiting too much of your front delts.

One way to fix this is to grab a pair of dumbbells or a barbell and stand with your back against the wall. Make sure to keep your shoulders and low back flat against the wall the entire time.

The second key to eliminating your shoulders, besides lowering the weight, is to glue your elbows into your lats. Don’t let your elbows come away from your body or you’ll be tempted to swing the weight up and activate your shoulders.

Isolation is the key to growing bigger biceps. If you feel your shoulders assisting in anyway while repping out curls, you’re using too much weight, lower it bro.

Suns Out, Guns Out

The best way to increase the size of your biceps is not by lifting heavier and heavier weight. Decrease the weight, slow it down and focus on the squeeze, and make sure to eliminate your shoulder from the movement.

Since summer is fast approaching, I’m here to help ya out bro. I want you to deliver a Swoltality to your biceps over the next four weeks, so that when summer arrives, you’ll be ready to put your arms on display.

If you want a massive arm pump that leaves you feeling more like a god than a mere mortal, grab my 4-week arm training guide here and get ready to upgrade those peashooters to bazookas.

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