Local Weatherman Hilariously Roasts Dallas Cowboys With Simple, Vicious One-Liner (Video)

WTOK-TV 11 / Meridian, Mississippi

  • Over the course of the last 27 years, the Cowboys have not made the Super Bowl.
  • That makes them an easy target for quick, simple jabs.
  • Mississippi weatherman Ethan Bird recently took his shot and it completely landed.

The Dallas Cowboys have not made it out of the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs since 1995. Despite the consistent hope and hype that surrounds the team’s fanbase every year, their drought has lasted more than two decades.

Well, Mississippi weekend news anchor Ethan Bird, who occasionally handles weather, sports and other duties throughout the week, took his opportunity to remind Dallas and its fanbase of their woes. He used a simple, but extremely vicious one-liner to troll the Cowboys on Monday.

While delivering the 10-day forecast for the Meridian, Mississippi area, Bird pointed out the extreme heat coming through the region this week. In doing so, he used the 90+ degree temperatures to slide in his brilliant jab.

“Now we look at our ten day forecast. It’s looking a little bit like those Dallas Cowboys, it’s peaking in the ’90s,” Bird said.

So simple, so funny. Bird saw his chance and took it.

While sharing his four-second quip, Bird joked that his viral moment is a direct result of letting the sports guy do weather. He also offered an olive branch after the clip took off and more than three million people saw him breakdown the heat.

During Monday’s evening newscast, Bird wore Cowboys colors on-air to extend his peace offering.

Mississippi does not have a professional football team, so their fandom is rather split. However, there are quite a few Cowboys fans who were presumably watching Bird’s newscast and got caught with the stray. Pretty hilarious stuff and incredibly well-executed!