The Week 14 NFL Picks Won’t Make the Houston Texans a Smarter Team

The Texans still lost and Kubiak still got fired, so it’s all a moot point. Maybe the organization realized it needed the last few games of the season to evaluate talent and they didn’t want a coach in place that was preventing that from happening. Let the Mike Shanahan watch begin. 

Locks of the Week: 

BALTIMORE -6.5 over Minnesota 

Whatever Joe Flacco gets from his wife before homes games needs to be bottled up and taken on the road. The splits are noticeable as always. 

Reggie: Minnesota

PHILADELPHIA -2.5 over Detroit 
Before blowing out Green Bay on Thanksgiving, Detroit was finding a way to lose close games. The Eagles, on the other hand, have been doing the opposite for some time now. The weather in this game is going to be ugly, which doesn't bode well for either team's success. Maybe Ed Hochuli will volunteer to stretch their balls to get the offenses moving. 

Reggie: Detroit

Seattle +3 over SAN FRANCISCO 

The horse is dead and beaten, but I’m going to bring it up again. Who’s the best win San Francisco has on its record since Week 3? The 7-5 Arizona Cardinals, who really aren’t that good? They’ve lost to the only two playoff-bound teams they’ve faced in that time and they’re going to lose to this one too. You just can’t take down a coach who looks good with a monocle

Reggie: Seattle

‎Trap Game of the Week: 

CHICAGO PK over Dallas 

Both offenses are good and both defenses are bad. The bad weather should be cleared up by gametime, so there’s the possibility of a shootout in the cold. It’ll probably come down to whoever has the ball last. It’s a tough call, but I’ll go with the team giving up 40 less yards per game. 
Reggie: Dallas

‎Rest of the Picks: 

N.Y. JETS -2.5 over Oakland 
It always comes back to Geno Smith, doesn't it? If there's any cure for Smith, it's an Oakland defense that's in the bottom third of the league in passing yards against and points allowed. It is pretty bad that there are Ryan Leaf comparisons being made. Yikes!

Reggie: Jets 

Miami +3 over PITTSBURGH 

Could the Steelers come out flat after their loss last week against their biggest rival likely doomed their playoff chances? ‎I for one believe so. Oddly enough the press this week was more about coach Mike Tomlin’s impact on the loss than the loss itself. Miami's also fared pretty well in the underdog roll this year with wins against Cincinnati and San Diego. 

Reggie: Pittsburgh

GREEN BAY -5 over Atlanta 
It helps to have the whole playbook. Matt Flynn didn’t get that benefit last week. With some extra time to practice because of their last game being on Thanksgiving, I expect a rebound effort from Flynn. Plus you never want any part of a dome team in cold weather. 

Reggie: Green Bay

CINCINNATI -6.5 over Indianapolis 

The Colts haven’t been playing good football for a while now. They keep coming out of the gates slow and just could’ve easily lost both recent games to the Titans. Wins over St. Louis and Arizona still appear clearly and their offensive weapons aren’t there to take advantage of Cincinnati’s recent defense injuries. 

Reggie: Indianapolis

WASHINGTON +3 over Kansas City 

The Chiefs just lost two out of three games to their biggest rival and now face the position of not having much to play for. They should be able to walk into the playoffs rather easily given their record and the rest of the AFC. Washington hasn’t been great, but Kansas City’s defense hasn’t looked the same in recent weeks. 

Reggie: Kansas City

Buffalo +2.5 over TAMPA BAY 
The Bills are a different offense when they get their running game going and E.J. Manuel is healthy. 

Reggie: Tampa Bay

NEW ENGLAND -11.5 over Cleveland 
Don’t expect the Patriots to sleep walk into this one like they did last week. The home crowd will invigorate them as they come out firing on all cylinders. Just stay away from Tom Brady. Stay away from him I tell you! 

Reggie: New England

DENVER -11 over Tennessee 

There’s no way the Titans can score enough points to keep this competitive. Their 22 points per game ranks 21st in the league and part of those numbers are with Jake Locker running the show. 

Reggie: Denver

SAN DIEGO -3 over N.Y. Giants 

The Giants continue to believe despite not playing well for a full 60 minutes. At a certain point you don’t ask when it will come because it’s obviously it never will. 

Reggie: San Diego

ARIZONA -6 over St. Louis 

Like the Ravens, the Cardinals are a much different team at home. They’re 5-1 in their own confines and their defense should have a field day with the 25th ranked passing offense. 

Reggie: St. Louis

Carolina +3.5 over NEW ORLEANS 
The Saints can get pushed around based on what you saw last week in Seattle. The Panthers have already proved they’re as physical as it gets. It also didn’t suit New Orleans that they left Seattle a day late during a short week. 

Reggie: N.O.

This Week: 0-1 
Last Week: 9-7 
Season: 88-104-2 
Survivor: 9-4 
Locks: 21-19 
Reggie’s Picks: 94-98-2 

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