Here Are Our Week 4 NFL Picks Against the Spread

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Remember when Eli Manning was over the hill? Remember when Kirk Cousins was the savior for Washington football? Those were fun times. Or maybe people in New York didn’t even see the game because they were too busy watching Derek Jeter’s farewell at Yankee Stadium. Either way we got a blowout last night and Thursday games continue to be non-competitive. At least owners of Larry Donnell can rejoice about their found fantasy football gold!

Locks of the Week:

BALTIMORE -3 over Carolina
The Panthers are all sorts of banged-up right now. Cam Newton isn’t moving at 100 percent‎ yet. DeAngelo Williams is the only remaining healthy running back. Baltimore generally plays very well at home and should be able to limit Carolina to under 17 points. The game is going to be ugly, so I suggest you watch something else.

Kyle’s pick: Baltimore

Philadelphia +4.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
You’re probably as confused as I am that a 3-0 team is favored to win their division is an underdog against a 1-2 team even if they’re traveling. San Francisco gets a lot of respect for what they’ve done in recent year, but they look a little off this year. Maybe Harbaugh already has one foot out the door, maybe the defense lost too much talent, or maybe it’s a combination of both. Either way, it’s enough to distract Eagles fans from fighting each other for a few minutes since a field goal is the most this line should be.

Kyle’s pick: Philly

INDIANAPOLIS -7.5 over Tennessee
Even though last week’s win was against Jacksonville, Indianapolis looked more like the team we were expecting. Their defense is still a major issue, but thankfully Tennessee’s offense is sputtering along right now. Jake Locker is back to being Jake Locker.

Kyle’s pick: Indianapolis

Trap Game of the Week:

CHICAGO +1.5 over Green Bay
This line moved from Chicago favored by 1.5 points to being dogged by 1.5 points in three days. It’s possible there’s plenty of steam on the Packers because of their offense and desperation due to a 1-3 record. That was my thinking originally, but I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen from Chicago outside of one half this season.

Kyle’s pick: Chicago

‎Rest of the Picks:

HOUSTON -3 over Buffalo
I almost locked this game up, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Arian Foster’s status is too fluid. Buffalo’s offensive line will struggle to hold down the fort and Houston’s offense should perform better in a home environment

Kyle’s pick: Houston

Tampa Bay +9 over PITTSBURGH
If Tampa Bay has any stones, they’ll bounce back from last week’s disaster. Mike Glennon will surely help the cause because things on ‎offense couldn’t have been any worse with Josh McCown.

Kyle’s pick: Pittsburgh

OAKLAND +4 over Miami
This game is being played in London, which might actually help Oakland. That and the Raiders clearly need to be more racially diverse. Miami is in freefall since their coach is a complete idiot.

Kyle’s pick: Miami

Detroit PK over N.Y. JETS
Detroit’s defense is better than Chicago’s (it might be a top 3 defense in the league) and their offense is just as good. If you liked Chicago in New York last week then you like this too.

Kyle’s pick: Deeeeee-troit

JACKSONVILLE +14 over San Diego
Blake Bortles will make Jacksonville’s offense seem more than just an afterthought, but they’re still Jacksonville. San Diego is hopefully looking ahead.

Kyle’s pick: Jacksonville

Atlanta -3 over MINNESOTA
Just remember that Minnesota’s home games this year are outside before you rush to the betting window and lay your bank account on the Falcons this week. They surely have an offensive edge, but it’s not as overwhelming as it would be indoors. Minnesota’s trying out Teddy “Ballgame” Bridgewater, but my expectations without Peterson still aren’t that high.

Kyle’s pick: Atlanta

New Orleans -3 over DALLAS
The Saints’ offense hasn’t been firing on all cylinders, but facing the Cowboys will be the cure for what ails them. I do like the fact that Dallas is going with a risk-averse style that’s heavy on the running game and keeps their defense off the field, but they were lucky to come away with last week’s win.

Kyle’s pick: Dallas

KANSAS CITY +3.5 over New England
This may be a complete overreaction to last week’s games, but something’s wrong with New England’s offense. Maybe they shouldn’t have traded an All-Pro guard for a backup tight end and a pick. Maybe people should give the owner a high five when he wants one! Then again I thought the same with Minnesota in Week 2 and New England ran them out of the building, so we’ll see.

Kyle’s pick: Kansas City

This Week: 1-0
Last Week: 9-7
Season: 28-21
Survivor: 3-0
Locks: 4-5
Kyle: 22-27