How to Raise Arizona with the Week 7 NFL Picks

The problem for Arizona is there’s no clear long-term solution. They could draft a quarterback next May, but that player will take a couple years to develop. The free agent options don’t look that great. Michael Vick might be able to step in for Arizona, but they’ll need to beef up their offensive line again. I doubt Jay Cutler leaves Chicago. Mark Sanchez obviously isn’t the answer. I doubt any other noteworthy quarterback becomes available. With Larry Fitzgerald’s prime coming to an end soon, Arizona better figure things out quickly or they’ll waste the prime of the best wide receivers in NFL history. 

Locks of the Week: 

DETROIT -2.5 over Cincinnati 
We’ve got four locks this week because I said so. Did you know Lions tight end Joseph Fauria got kicked out of Notre Dame for smacking a priest's ass?  That same guy had three touchdowns last week despite not impressing NFL scouts before this year's draft. Who needs Calvin Johnson?? Ok, I'm kidding with that last comment and Megatron looks to be closer to normal for this week's game. Andy Dalton can cut up the Bills no problem, but he'll be running for his life this Sunday. The Bengals have limited his downfield throws, but I feel like he's due for a bad interception in this one. Their defense also hasn’t been quite as stiff on the road as it’s been at home. 
Reggie: Detroit

CAROLINA -6 over St. Louis 
The Rams aren't good. Last week's game against Houston was a complete aberration and was more about Houston that it was the Rams. Carolina meanwhile looks like they're pushing forward as coach Ron Rivera finally looks ready to put some skin in the game by going for it on fourth downs. ‎Could this Panthers team compete for a playoff spot? It's definitely possible. The team believes in him enough now to show this kind of effort

Reggie: Carolina

WASHINGTON PK over Chicago 
Before you wonder why the 4-2 Bears aren’t favored against the 1-4 Redskins, just remember that Vegas wouldn’t set the line like this if they didn’t know what they were doing. The Redskins offense is about to turn the corner. RGIII said he’s ready to run the ball more and that will elevate Washington to last year’s offensive levels. The Bears’ defense is also just not that good. The only reason the Giants lost to them last week was because of bad decisions on the interceptions. It sure as hell wasn’t because stopped the Giants from moving the ball. Sorry dickish Jay Cutler

Reggie: Chicago

Baltimore +1 over PITTSBURGH 
I feel like I’ve been riding the Ravens all season and they’ve certainly come through for me in the last two weeks. They’ve covered their last four games and I don’t think it’ll stop there. There’s no reason to overreact with Pittsburgh because they beat the Jets in an ugly game last week. These still aren’t your father’s Steelers. 

Reggie: Baltimore

Trap Game of the Week: 

San Francisco -3.5 over TENNESSEE 
Don’t let the 49ers fool you. They haven’t played that well over the last three weeks despite winning all those games. It’s been more about the other team faltering than San Francisco succeeding. They’re not where they need to be quite yet. But teams are 0-5 after facing Seattle and Tennessee really shouldn’t have been in last week’s game. 
Reggie: San Francisco

Rest of the Picks

N.Y. JETS +4 vs. New England 
Geno Smith and the Jets would frustrate their fans if they had come into this season with high expectations. They just can't seem to put two solid weeks together. I'm hoping the pattern continues and they're “on” this week against a team they played ok against in Week 1. I must add that the Patriots showed some true stones in last week's comeback win against New Orleans. And now Gronk’s supposed to come back and the Sox are up 3-2. All is merry in New England, but I say they only squeak it out by a field goal. Besides, the Jets are well rested… 

Reggie: New England

Dallas +3 vs. PHILADELPHIA 
Let's not forget the Eagles' defense is pretty terrible. Just because you can make Mike Glennon look bad doesn't mean you're improving. Dallas may be missing Demarcus Ware, but they're good enough to make one more stop than Philadelphia's group is capable of. 

Reggie: Philadelphia

Tampa Bay +8.5 over ATLANTA 
The Greg Schiano time bomb is definitely ticking. Obviously the aforementioned Glennon hasn't solved all the team's issues. It's amazing that they traded for Darrell Revis yet don't let him stuff the other team's #1 receiver all day long and choose to play some zone instead. That's just stupid and stubborn. Thankfully for them, the Falcons are without their best receiver and Roddy White won't help his team by trying to play. 

Reggie: Atlanta

MIAMI -7 over Buffalo 
That Thad Lewis sure is something. I’m sure the Bengals underestimated him last week like we all did. But now he’s got a banged-up food and won’t be as mobile as he needs to be. Miami will be prepared for him after their bye week. I have a feeling this game will get ugly. 

Reggie: Miami

JACKSONVILLE +9 over San Diego 
Maybe last week was Jacksonville’s Super Bowl. Maybe they’ll fall flat on their face like usual this week. I just feel like the Chargers aren’t going to bring an A+ effort in a short week with an inevitable letdown from the win over Indianapolis. 

Reggie: Jacksonville

GREEN BAY -10 over Cleveland 
Cleveland’s fans really want Brian Hoyer back. I bet you never thought you’d hear that before the season. Bradon Weeden just doesn’t seem to bring out the best in the Browns’ offense and that’ exactly what you need in Lambeau field. 

Reggie: Green Bay

KANSAS CITY -6.5 over Houston 
Case Keenum may be the next Tony Romo. I’ll need to see it first. Also know that you’re better off shorting the rest of Arian Foster’s career

Reggie: Houston

Denver -6.5 over INDIANAPOLIS 
Jim Irsay should’ve kept his big mouth shut. Peyton Manning will make him live to regret it. It would be great if Irsay was on the sideline and Manning called for a play that lit Irsay up as bad as this high school kid

Reggie: Denver

N.Y. GIANTS -3.5 over Minnesota 
There’s a good chance the Giants are going to compete for the second pick in the draft if they don’t win this week. (The Jaguars are obviously going to get it.) Hell, they might compete for it anyway. Minnesota’s pass rush is one of the worst in the league, so the Giants should be able to give the time Eli needs to not make terrible decisions. 

Reggie: Giants

This Week: 0-1 
Last Week: 4-11 
Season: 44-48-2 
Locks: 9-9 
Reggie’s Picks: 47-45-2

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