Catch Week 8’s Thursday and Survivor NFL Pick

Survivor Pick of the Week:

San Francisco over JACKSONVILLE

We’re almost halfway through the season and you’re still alive in your survivor pool. Nice job by you, buddy! Now the fun starts as you’ve used most of the good teams. Thankfully you’ve got a nice home run this weekend if you still have the 49ers to use. Normally I don’t take road teams, but San Francisco isn’t really on the road because the game is in London. I don’t need to explain to you why San Francisco is going to be beat Jacksonville because you’ve seen the Jags play all year. The 16-point spread makes it very clear.

There are a few other good options left as well. New Orleans should come in strong at home after the bye week even if Jimmy Graham doesn’t play. Thad Lewis has not faced a defense that brings it as hard as New Orleans does and the game is in their dome. Jason Campbell’s start at quarterback won’t make Cleveland any better against the ferocious Chiefs’ defense. Alex Smith doesn’t do much, but he does enough to win a game like this easily. As good as the Broncos have been this year, you’ve probably already used them. I actually think Washington, whose offense has been on the up and up, could compete with Denver for a while on Sunday. Carolina, Green Bay, and Seattle all have nice opportunities, but I always stay away from road teams.

Teams used: Indianapolis, New England, Denver, New Orleans, St. Louis, Seattle, and Green Bay

Thursday Night Pick:

TAMPA BAY +7 over Carolina

If you’re wondering whether or not this Thursday night game will be any good, just remember how bad Monday night’s game between the Vikings and Giants was. That game clearly set football back ten years. Tampa’s offense would seem on paper to be comparable to what Minnesota brings to the table, but they’ve actually been able to put some points together over the last two games. Maybe I’m being silly because the Buccaneers are quite terrible and the Panthers have looked really good in three of their last four games, but seven points is a lot to cover on the road with an average team.

Reggie’s pick: Tampa Bay

Last Week: 8-7

Season: 52-54-2

Survivor: 6-1

Locks: 11-11

Reggie: 52-54-2