Welcome To Lock Of The Night, Where We Give You The Bet You Can’t Afford To Not Make

by 4 years ago
NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

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Let’s say, hypothetically, you like to wager on sports. And let’s say, hypothetically I do as well. Let’s also say that you like advice and I enjoy giving it.

Consider all of those things, it’s truly remarkable I’ve been hoarding my picks under a bushel. It’s downright selfish, isn’t it?

Well, no more. That all changes today with the first edition of Lock of the Night. The premise is simple.

  • I give you the lock of the night
  • You use that lock for your own purposes
  • We all profit
  • Happiness

Tonight’s mortal lock is an easy one.

CINCINNATI (-6) over Cleveland

See you back here a bit richer tomorrow. You’re welcome in advance.

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