The Oakland Athletics Twitter Just Dropped Napalm On Wendy’s With The Best Burn Of 2017

by 12 months ago

Oakland Athletics vs Wendy's Twitter Fight

Wendy’s is more than square burgers and frosties these days because they’ve also got one of the best social media managers in the game. In fact, I had Wendy’s for dinner last night on a highway road trip because they’re all up in my peripheral memory after they got into a Twitter fight yesterday with the Golden State Warriors…If you missed that social media brouhaha, you can catch it at that link above or just keep on reading because I’ll fill you in on the details below.

It all started with this tweet:

This dude then inserted himself into the situation:

Then, sensing the opportunity to stir up some shit on the Internet, someone tagged Wendy’s and the Oakland Athletics in a Battle Royale:

It all started out cordial until Wendy’s tried to throw a knockout punch that got deflected into the hammer being dropped by the Oakland Athletics:

In most instances, Wendy’s wins the fight on Twitter. They weren’t expecting to get ethered by the Oakland Athletics social media manager but then they woke up in a Tijuana hotel missing their kidneys, wondering just how in the hell they’d gone from Twitter greatness to getting KTFO’d in a matter of hours.

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