West Virginia Puts Out A Shocking Statement About Their Head Coach Situation

West Virginia Puts Out A Shocking Statement About Their Head Coach Situation

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

This comes on the heels of West Virginia Athletic Director Shane Lyons giving Brown a big contract extension in the spring of 2021 after just two years and an 11-11 record. That contract increased Brown’s buyout significantly, and it stands at around $23.5 million if West Virginia were to fire him today.

West Virginia’s Shane Lyons releases a statement

The results have forced action in the athletic department.

It reads:

I know and deeply care that our fans are frustrated with the start of the football season, but so are our coaches and student-athletes, who have busted their tails getting ready for the year. As athletics director, I am as disappointed as the fans, but I see how much our coaches and players care and want to win and make our fans proud. Everyone involved knows that the on-field results have not met expectations and absolutely no one is satisfied. There are 10 games left in the season and the focus is still on getting the results that we all expect.

That is not a statement you want to hear if you are Neal Brown. The dreaded vote of confidence is dread for a reason. And, this may even fall short of a vote of confidence, which is somehow worse.

West Virginia fans react

Of course, West Virginia fans had reactions.

This Mountaineer fan hit it right on the nail that this statement basically confirms that everyone has lost faith in Neal Brown.

This West Virginia fan wants everyone fired.

I do not know if West Virginia will pay the buyout, but if they do, they better get the next hire right.