WHAM SAUCED! High School Runner Absolutely Obliterates An Unsuspecting Girl Standing At The Finish Line

WHAM SAUCED! According to the color commentator on that video — who is might be related to Champ Kind — WHAM SAUCED is exactly what happened to a girl who unfortunately found herself standing on the finish line when the high school boys’ 400-meter championship at New Balance Nationals was ending.

You would have to have your head completely up your own ass to not realize that you’re about to get trucked by a host runners as you stand on the finish line. But that’s not what happened here. As you’ll see below, this girl was lured into harms way by her friend who was all about saving herself. I’ve never seen anything more clearly in my life. The pair botched the ONE JOB they had, which is erecting the finish line tape, and one of the girls decided that getting murdered wasn’t worth it. While the second girl, who was far more dedicated to her job…well…WHAM SAUCED!



Oh yeah. She dead.