FootGolf Is A Soccer-Golf Hybrid Sport That Requires Athleticism And Skill

by 1 year ago
what is FootGolf

American FootGolf League / YouTube

Are you an aging athlete who used to play soccer but also enjoys golf? Or maybe you’re all about Frolf but don’t quite feel the thrill of tossing around a frisbee anymore because throwing a frisbee is actually pretty easy after some practice. Whatever the case is I’ve got a new sport, FootGolf, that might interest you.

As stated in the headline, FootGolf is a hybrid sport. It takes the skill required in soccer and puts it onto the golf course. So, instead of swinging a golf club or throwing a frisbee to try and land it into the ‘hole’ in this instance you’re kicking a ball really, really far:

If you’ve ever played soccer then you already know how exhausting it can be to repeatedly kick the ball long distances, and you can also begin to see how there’s some athleticism involved here because landing the ball into the hole from extreme distances can be quite the task.

If you’re looking for more on how to play FootGolf here’s a primer on the rules:

I’m not lying when I said I woke up this morning and thought to myself ‘I need a new hobby’. I don’t necessarily see FootGolf ever becoming my main hobby because it requires one of these courses to be nearby but I’d certainly take a whack at this sport if I ever found myself near one of the courses.

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