What Is Oddschecker And Why Should You Check It Often For Sports Betting?

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With sports gambling legislation being introduced and/or passed in states all over the country, betting on sports is easier, and more popular, than ever in 2020.

Gone are the days of meeting your sketchy bookie in an alley just to pay off your $20 in losses from the week before and may no one ever again have to deal with an offshore book that makes it nearly impossible to cash out your winnings.

As the state of sports gambling in the US improves, so do the tools at your disposal.

Oddschecker is one of the most popular names in the world for all things sports gambling, bringing people real-time odds comparisons along with valuable picks, insight, and statistical data to help decide where to put your money come game time.

With the rise in sportsbooks popping up all over the country, odds comparison is a tool you can’t afford to ignore.

Oddschecker’s odds comparison feature lets you shop around for the best odds at different sportsbooks throughout the country, bringing every available options right to your fingertips and guaranteeing you maximize your earning potential on all your wins by giving you the best prices.

The Philadelphia Eagles range anywhere from +3000 to +4000 for a Super Bowl future, depending on where you look. That’s a $1,000 difference in potential winnings on a $100 bet. There’s no reason to settle for bad odds on a bet you’re looking to make and doing so is basically leaving money on the table.

The site also boasts a stable of expert handicappers in everything from NFL, NBA, NHL and college sports to Horse racing. Check out the site’s Picks and Parlays page, bringing readers the insight of the Oddschecker expert cappers and making sure you know what to look for when placing your bet.

NFL handicapper Ben Rolfe turned in another 4-0 performance in Week 17 and looks to carry that momentum into this weekend’s Wild Card round. Check out his picks for Saturday’s slate HERE and be on the lookout for his picks for Sunday’s NFL action as well.

For those more data-driven sports bettors that like to comb through numbers on their own to find an edge, Statschecker provides all the valuable, next-level stats needed to give you the upper hand. This free tool from Oddschecker gives you everything from a team’s record against the spread to recent situational trends that may show you why tonight’s underdog is a lock.

The Bills come into Saturday’s game in Houston getting 2.5 points, but a closer look shows Buffalo sporting a 6-2 record against the spread while on the road this season, and Houston covering just two of its eight games at home.

Oddschecker brings value to bettors in a bunch of different ways, including making sure they’re up to date on all the latest promotions from trusted sites on its Free Bets page. Oddschecker has tons of different promos and reviews from different sportsbooks throughout the country to guarantee you’re getting your money’s worth no matter where you choose to play.

With the NFL playoffs set to get underway this Saturday, Oddschecker has all your NFL betting needs in one place, making it easy to pick anything from this weekend’s games to a defensive rookie of the year’s future.

With all these different tools at your disposal, Oddschecker gives bettors a leg up on the sportsbooks. Make sure you’re getting the best odds and making the smart play by heading over today and maximizing your potential winnings.

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