When (Presumably) Drunk Irishmen Get Interviewed at a Texas Rangers Game, It Goes About As Well As You’d Think

The game of baseball has been around for hundreds of years, entertaining fans across the globe and giving us some incredible moments to cherish forever.

However, even with all its rich history and years of existence, there are some fans around the globe who haven’t been as committed to learning about the game as others, failing to understand the rules or showing enough patience to sit through a four-hour game without getting completely sloshed.

Two of those guys happen to be these two Irishmen—Shane and buddy—who attended their first ever baseball game over the weekend, taking in the Texas Rangers against the Los Angeles Angels, where they didn’t just discover a new sport, but also found out what it was like to be interviewed on live TV in America.

Now, over the years, we’ve seen plenty of jackasses get on TV by doing something dumb, losing their shit and forgetting that, on live TV, swearing is always a no-no. But, for a few lads from across the pond, can’t we give them a little bit of a longer leash for unknowingly dropping a few F bombs?

While interviewed by Rangers reporter Jim Knox during the eighth inning of the game the other day, Shane and his amigo had hoped to sprinkle some magic dust all over the stadium, not only proclaiming that the Rangers were going to make a comeback from their seven-run deficit at the time, but going even bolder by declaring that the team would win 12-straight.

Oh, but that wasn’t the good part.

No, that came when the two showed just how many beers deep they really were, saying to Knoxie that they would buy everyone in the stadium a “good, frosty fuckin’ pint of Guinness” should the Rangers come all the way back and pull out the win.

As expected, the interview got a quick hook and the mic got pulled away from the two, but not without Knox signing off with a quick, “G’day, mate,” for good measure, proving why he’s one of the best in the game at his job.

It’s too bad the Rangers hadn’t heard the two lads’ offer of beers for everyone in the stadium, otherwise the outcome may have been a little bit different, as the Angels completed the three-game sweep of the Rangers by finishing them off 12-6.

One thing’s for sure, though, these two Irishmen proved why baseball is, indeed, called America’s Pastime.