Dana White Finally Revealed When Ronda Rousey Will Be Returning To The UFC Octagon

Ronda Rousey took quite a beating from Holly Holm when she last entered the Octagon for the UFC, but now it appears she will have more than enough time to recover.

Appearing on “The Neighborhood” radio show on Wednesday with fighter Matt Serra, UFC President Dana White finally gave us a time frame for Rousey’s return and it won’t be until well after Holly Holm faces off against Miesha Tate on on March 5th.

“The winner of that fight will fight Ronda probably in November,” White told the host, meaning that she will either face-off against Holm again or Tate for the third time, depending on the outcome of UFC 196.

Despite the fact that, as White also stated in the interview, Rousey vs. Holm could be the biggest fight in UFC history he’s letting Rousey take care of her other business such as shooting films like Road House and the Mark Wahlberg movie Mile 22 before getting back to MMA.

As for whether White was “sure” Rousey would actually return to the Octagon, he felt pretty confident about it, “She’s very intense. She’s a bad-ass. She’ll be back.”

The only other question that is left to be answered now is whether or not Rousey’s trainer Edmond Tarvedyan will still be in her corner when she does fight again. He definitely won’t be if Ronda’s mom has anything to say about it.

So is Ronda Rousey setting herself up for an epic comeback in 2016? Looks like we’ll find out…

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