White Sox Lose No-Hitter In Most White Sox Way Possible

Two Chicago White Sox players watch a ball drop between them at Yankee Stadium.

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Chicago White Sox pitcher Luis Giolito threw six innings of no-hit baseball on Tuesday night against the vaunted Yankees. The outing was one of the righty’s best as he moved to 5-4 on the year.

Giolito was yanked before he was able to record an out in sixth frame, leaving the Chicago bullpen the task of trying to complete the no-hitter. It wouldn’t get much help from its defense in that pursuit.

In true White Sox fashion, a defensive blunder in the outfield led to the no-hitter being broken up. Like something you’d see in a Little League game, two Chicago outfielders simply watched a flyball fall harmlessly in between them.

While an obvious mistake by the fielders, the play went down as an RBI double for Isiah Kiner-Falefa as the shutout bid was also taken off the table. This, coming with two outs in the inning.

Major League Baseball fans were quick to comment on the sequence, with few being surprised seeing the result of the play.

One fan wrote, “They pull Giolito, who touched triple digits on the radar gun in the seventh, WITH A NO HITTER and the outfield immediately is up to their usual BS. Even when they are doing great, this team sucks so very much.”

Someone else said, “There’s a reason the White Sox are 9 games below .500 and not 9 games above.”

This follower could only shake his head, posting, “One of the most BRUTAL ways to lose a no-hitter. Even when the White Sox are winning, they do stuff like this.”

It was a cloudy night in the Bronx as wildfires in Canada brought a haze of smoke to the northeastern United States, which could’ve had something to do with the outfield blunder. The apocalyptic scene certainly caught the attention of fans in attendance.

Still, the play probably should’ve been made.

New York would tack on two more hits in the game, though luckily the White Sox were able to hold on for a 3-2 victory and move to 27-35 on the season.