Report: Several White Sox Players Complained About Adam LaRoche’s Son


Last week White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche suddenly retired from the team when he was asked to not bring his 14-year old son into the clubhouse anymore.

We are now getting more details about the situation and it seems like other White Sox players complained to management about feeling uncomfortable about the constant presence of LaRoche’s son.

Via USA Today

Several players and staff members privately complained to White Sox management recently about the constant presence of LaRoche’s 14-year-old son, Drake, in the clubhouse. Drake LaRoche, multiple people say, was with the team about 120 games during the 2015 season.

Not everyone felt comfortable with Drake’s constant presence, even called the White Sox’s 26th man.

Kenny Williams has been getting plenty of flack abot LaRoche’s retirement but according to the USA Today the White Sox GM tried to compromise with LaRoche when he heard complaints from other players.

It wasn’t until Williams heard complaints, sat down with LaRoche, and told him to scale back his son’s presence in camp. He could still come to camp and be in the clubhouse, but perhaps just half the time. Certainly, not every day.

Well, after their heart-to-heart talk, nothing changed, according to multiple people in White Sox camp.

LaRoche kept bringing his son to the ballpark every day. This went on for at least three or four days. When Williams saw Drake on the field this week, in the middle of a practice drill, standing on the pitcher’s mound, he lost it.

While it’s cool that LaRoche has a great relationship with his son no job in the world would allow him to bring his son to work as often as he did.