Truly Unbelievable Stat Suggests The White Sox Could Be The Most Mediocre Team Of All Time

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The Chicago White Sox have been surprisingly mediocre in the 2022 season. Look no further than their 81-81 overall record at the end of the year.

In a season where the team was supposed to compete for a playoff spot, Chicago finished 11 games out of the AL Central lead. A number of factors contributed to the performance. Obviously, the on-field performance was disappointing. Only two players hit .300, no one recorded 20 home runs, and the team’s ERA was nowhere near the top of the league.

Injuries were a killer, too, as the club hit the anatomical BINGO over the last calendar year.

Still, the Sox were able to accomplish a near-impossible feat, though it’s not one that many will brag about. Digging deeper, statistics show an unbelievable consistency that’s unmatched by any other team in the MLB.

The White Sox display consistent mediocrity

Jay Cuda, an MLB statistical analyst at Stathead, posted an incredible observation surrounding the 2022 team.

If the White Sox lose (they’re down 10-0) they’ll be 81-81.

Also, they’ll be:

5-5 in last 10
15-15 in last 30
25-25 in last 50
30-30 in last 60
35-35 in last 70
60-60 in last 120
75-75 in last 150
80-80 in last 160
85-85 in last 170
95-95 in last 190

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The White Sox not only finished the year at 81-81, but they’ve also been able to go exactly .500 over their last 10-, 30- 50-, 60-, 70-, 120-, 150-, and 160-game stints. The feat continues into the 2021 season if you go back 170 and 190 contests.

Incredible consistency.

That’s the definition of ‘mid’ if I’ve ever seen one. Fans were quick to react to the unbelievable stat.

One fan wrote, “The White Sox had a perfectly mediocre season,” which is hard to argue based on these findings.

Chicago fans should be used to it by now. The franchise is .500 dating all the way back to its 1978 season.

Still, it’s quite the accomplishment. We’ll see if they can keep things rolling in 2023.