These Wild Stories From Former Baller Jayson Williams Are Why The NBA In The ’90s Was The Best

Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams has had quite the interesting life to this point, and he shared some of his crazy memories on VICE Sports’ podcast the other day—and they’re pretty epic.

Williams, who in addition to making millions during his playing days, spent two years in prison after he accidentally shot and killed his limo driver with a shotgun in 2002, discussed a few hoops related things on the podcast, including Manute Bol’s dick and Michael Jordan’s competitive streak.

Here’s a few of excerpts, per Yahoo! Sports:

On Bol: “They used to let Manute Bol drink the whole time, so he would drink Heinekens all day long to help put on weight,” said Williams, who played his first two NBA seasons alongside Bol as teammates on the Philadelphia 76ers from 1990-92, “so Manute Bol never played sober in one basketball game.”

After a lengthy story about the size of the 7-foot-7 Bol’s privates, Williams added, “He used to put on all his clothes last, so what he would do, after he got out the shower, he would put on his socks and then that was it. And he would just walk around the locker room naked drinking Heinekens.”

Bol was listed at 28 years old when he began playing for the Sixers in 1990, but Williams believes he was actually twice that age. “He used to say that he was 35 years old, but I used to be on the bench looking at all the circles and scars around his head,” explained Williams, “and I asked him one day, ‘Manute, what are those scars on your head?’ And he says, ‘Well, the white man lost my birth certificate in the jungle, so every five years I take a rock and I slice one across my head.’ I was like, ‘All right,’ and then I started looking at it the next game and I said, ‘Holy s—, Manute Bol is 55 years old.’”

On Michael Jordan: “Honest to God, he was one tough human being, and it was in anything. If you were drinking a beer, if he looked over and your beer was half full and he was three quarters, he’s going to finish his beer first. He’s just got to beat you at everything. He has an addiction to winning.”

On Larry Bird: “He struts back like only Larry Bird can do, looks over the bench and goes, ‘Hey, coach, put the rookie in.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, put me in; you better hope he don’t put me in.’ And then Jimmy [Lynam] goes, ‘Hey, Jay, go get him,’ and I go in. I go, ‘Yeah, what you wanna do? Come at me, baby, let’s go, let’s get it on,’ and he gives me a pump fake, and I jumped clear across his head, and when I come back down, he looks at me and goes, ‘Stupid rookie, c’mon, man,’ and hits a 3-pointer.” Williams claims he honestly considered suicide after Bird dropped a series of 3’s and a dunk on him, adding, “Oh, s—, I got dunked on by a white man who’s at the end of his career. It’s a wrap now.”

Williams also added a funny anecdote about how Charles Barkley used to yell at his teammates during practices while housing McDonald’s on a stationary bike, and discussed an all-night tequila bender with Charles Oakley, so, yeah, the guy was clearly an open book.

Admitting on the podcast that he didn’t “want to be one of those old guys who sits in here and goes, ‘Oh, we were better back then,'” all Jayson Williams proved was that the NBA was a hell of a lot more wild back then. Fuck all these guys being friends with each other and creating super teams, man.

You can hear the entire podcast over at

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