Guardians’ Will Brennan Gives Fitting HR Celebration A Day After Killing A Bird With A Line-Drive Single

Will Brennan celebrates after hitting a home run.

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Will Brennan made headlines this week after hitting a bird with a line-drive single. The bizarre incident was the second involving a bird and an MLB player over the last few days.

Brennan took a moment to honor the animal’s passing on Tuesday after smashing a home run. While rounding the bases, he gave a fitting celebration.

Brennan’s deadly single on Monday took place early in a matchup between the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox. In the second inning of action, an opposite field shot struck the fowl, who happened to be sitting on the infield between shortstop and third base.

Despite hitting the unlucky bird, the ball trickled into the outfield grass for a base hit. When the ball made its way back to the infield, the animal was removed from the field of play.

Cleveland did score later in the frame, meaning the life wasn’t taken in vain. A day after the incident, Brennan found a way to pay homage.

The right fielder smacked a homer in the bottom of the third inning to get his team on the scoreboard. After rounding second base, the place where the deadly scene unfolded, Brennan made a gesture emulating a bird flying.

The home run was just Will Brennan’s second of the season, but it came at the perfect moment.

Unfortunately, the Guardians were unable to pull out a win for the fallen fowl. Chicago took Game 2 of the four-game set by a score of 4-2.

The two AL Central foes will meet back on the diamond Wednesday.