Will Ferrell Gave Austin Reaves A Hilarious ‘Welcome To The NBA’ Moment

Will Ferrell and Austin Reaves

Getty Image / Meg Oliphant

As it turns out, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers has its benefits, as Austin Reaves details a hilarious story of the first time he met Will Ferrell.

Reaves claims he was star struck when he saw Ferrell at a charity event in Los Angeles. However, the famed actor ended up doing the unexpected.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Austin Reaves claims he was nervous to meet Will Ferrell and that he rarely ever asks for pictures with other celebrities. After working up the courage to talk to the famed actor, Ferrell ended up flipping the script.

“This might be the only time in my life that I actually ask for a picture. And he’s walking towards us, just walking and talking to people. And I go to introduce myself, and he was like, ‘AUSTIN, I’m a huge fan.’ And I didn’t even know what to say. I was just like, ‘Uhhhhh. Me too.'”

From the sounds of it, Reaves learned what it’s like being a star player in the NBA in that moment meeting Ferrell.

Not to mention, Will Ferrell is a well known Lakers fan, so it makes sense why he already knew who Austin Reaves is.

But put yourself in the Lakers star’s shoes. He kind of came out of nowhere as a star player in LA after spending five years in college.

Then he meets his favorite actor and Will Ferrell knows his name. If that’s not a wake up call to being an NBA star then I don’t know what is.

Regardless, it’s a cool moment for Austin Reaves and he’s likely now more aware of his stardom. Especially in Los Angeles.