Will Levis Makes The Internet Question His Draft Status After Eating Bananas With The Peel On And Putting Mayonnaise In His Coffee

Will Levis

Getty Images

Former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis is one of the most intriguing prospects heading into the NFL Draft, which is just a few weeks away. However, Levis recently made headlines for an entirely different reason: his unusual eating and drinking habits.

In a viral video that has been making the rounds on the internet, Levis was seen eating bananas with the peel on and putting mayonnaise in his coffee.

The video jokingly raised questions about Levis’ draft status, as NFL teams evaluate potential prospects more than any other sports league. They want to know every single thing before drafting a player, especially when it comes to a potential franchise quarterback. The internet debated if Will Levis’ odd food habits will make him fall in the draft?

While Levis’ eating and drinking habits may seem strange to some, it’s obviously important to remember that they have nothing to do with his abilities as a quarterback. Levis has shown great promise on the field, with his size and arm strength making him an attractive prospect for many teams.

However, the NFL Draft is a high-stakes event, and it’s possible every little thing can make a difference in a player’s draft status. It remains to be seen whether Levis’ unusual eating and drinking habits will actually have affect his chances of being drafted highly, but it’s safe to say that NFL teams won’t be taking note of this viral video as they make their decisions.

In the end, it’s important to remember that football is a game of skill and strategy, not food preferences. While Will Levis’ eating habits may be a talking point now, it’s his performance on the field that will ultimately determine his success in the NFL.