Will Levis Called Out By Girlfriend Gia Duddy On TikTok For Avoiding Her Challenge

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New Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis has been on a roller coaster ride ever since sliding to the second round of the NFL Draft in April.

Even after being drafted, his practice highlights have ranged from incredible to terrible.

The one constant, however, has been the support of Will Levis’ 21-year-old girlfriend Gia Duddy.

Duddy, who went viral prior to the NFL draft and later when she accompanied him there, has had his back this whole time.

Well, maybe not the WHOLE time.

In a funny new TikTok video, Gia Duddy calls out her boyfriend for refusing to take her on in a physical challenge.

“Will Levis you have 72 hrs to respond by going on a run with me,” Duddy wrote in the description of the video.

In the video, Gia points to a text exchange she recently had with Levis.

“When your bf is a pro athlete but hates running long distance,” she wrote over the video.

“…there’s no shot I’m going on runs with you,” Levis texted Gia.

“Oh I’m absolutely going to get u to run at some point,” she texted him back.

“No shot,” he responded.

“I’m not taking any chances embarrassing myself in front of you doing anything athletic.”

At the end of the TikTok video, Gia Duddy lip syncs a lyric from Mike Dimes’ single “Arsenal” where Denzel Curry says, “I small b****.”


It’s content like that and the pics you see below that has seen her social media follower count almost triple since Will was drafted by the Titans.

Oh, and don’t call Gia Duddy a gold digger.

“I’m so happy you guys caught onto this,” she said in a sarcastic TikTok video last month. “I didn’t obviously want to come out and say ‘Yeah, I’m a gold digger.’ But I’m really happy you guys are intuitive and can understand that.”

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