Will Levis’ Girlfriend Gia Duddy Reacts To Trolls Calling Her A ‘Gold Digger’

Gia Duddy at the NFL draft


Will Levis’ girlfriend Gia Duddy is firing back at trolls who criticize her relationship with NFL star QB Will Levis.

Last month Duddy went viral when she accompanied Levis at the NFL draft.

On Wednesday, Duddy sarcastically responded to a troll calling her a gold digger on the social media app.

“I’m so happy you guys caught onto this. I didn’t obviously want to come out and say ‘Yea, I’m a gold digger.’ But I’m really happy you guys are intuitive and can understand that,” Duddy responded sarcastically while sipping a cup of coffee.


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Earlier this week, Duddy admitted she was moving to Tennessee where Levis got drafted but they were going to live in separate apartments because she’s not ready to live with a man yet.

“My theory is, if we’re meant to be together we can live together for the rest of our lives,” “And we’re still young — I’m 21. I’m not ready to live with a man just yet.”

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