Super Human Sets Freediving World Record, Goes Deeper Than Any Human Has In History, Needs To Be Checked For Gills

Back in May, I brought you bros news of William Trubridge breaking not one but TWO world records within the span of a weekend. Well, this week William Trubridge broke another (more prestigious) world record by setting the new Unassisted Freediving WR at 102m CNF, and this was William’s 18th world record. The ‘CNF’ in 102m CNF means that he didn’t use fins in this swim, and Trubridge swam an astounding 334-feet below the surface of the ocean using nothing to keep him alive but the air in his lungs. This dude’s not human, and someone needs to check him for gills ASAP.

William’s been sharing footage of this record breaking freedive on his Facebook page and though I’ve watched these clips several times I’m still having trouble processing the fact that this dude swam over 330-feet below sea level (by the way, that’s plenty deep enough to catch fish like Marlin in), and he did this without even using fins.


After failing to break this world record back in 2014 William Trubridge has been working towards this goal for several years now, and it’s amazing to see him finally accomplish what he set out to do. It took William 4 minutes and 14 seconds to accomplish this feat, swimming down 334-feet on a single breath, hoping against hope that he’d make it back to the surface before passing out and/or his lungs exploding. And if you’re wondering where this place is that he broke the world record it’s at the infamous Dean’s Blue Hole in The Bahamas, an otherwise shallow cove of warm water that has a hole plunging hundreds and hundreds of feet (663-feet deep in total) into the center of the earth.

If you’re the type of bro who looks for inspiration from athletes in non-traditional sports then THIS is the man you need to be following, because in the world of competitive freediving he’s like Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, and Tom Brady all rolled up into one super human athlete.

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