Willie Cauley-Stein Changed His Middle Name To Trill Because He Was Already Filling Out The Form



Former Kentucky star Willie Cauley-Stein is poised to make millions playing a child’s game no matter what his middle name is so he decided to just go ahead and change it to Trill.

Born Willie Cauley, the 7-footer was making his hyphenated last name official and thought, well, Trill is a cool word.

“I want to include my mother’s last name,” was Cauley-Stein’s reason for the change, according to the court document.

Cauley-Stein’s mother, Marlene Stein, said her son decided to change his middle name since he was already there to change his last name.

Trill is the “nickname his ‘boys’ call him,” Marlene Stein said.

It’s 2015. The absence of a player named Trill in the NBA has gone on long enough. We strongly implore Cauley-Stein to do the right thing and just go by that.

[H/T: Kentucky.com]

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