Wizards Coach Scott Brooks Reveals The Touching Reason Why He Wishes He Had A Father Like LaVar Ball

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The loudmouth father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has been the talk of the early NBA season. This week, LaVar is in the news again after talking trash to the Washing Wizards before the Lakers upcoming game on Wednesdayy. John Wall and Marcin Gortat have both responded to Ball’s trash talk, but the team’s coach, Scott Brooks, had a different take on the whole LaVar-Lonzo dynamic.

Via The Washington Post

“You know what, hey, people talk about [Lonzo’s] dad all the time. Hey, I mean, my father left me at 2. I would love to have my father around like [LaVar] is around and talk to him and pump me up with confidence,” Brooks said. “To me, that’s every son’s dream. And for some reason he gets criticized. No question, he’s a little ambitious at times [with] what he says. But he’s around his son. I have no problem with that. And maybe he could temper it a little bit, but I would’ve loved to have my father do that.”

With all the shit that LaVar talks it’s sometimes hard to forget that he’s actually a good father who has always been there for his kids.