The Wizards New Tee-Shirt Gun Looks Strong Enough to Kill a Baby

That there, is the Washington Wizards’ new double-barreled tee-shirt Gatling Gun, which by itself packs more firepower than Gilbert Arenas ever brought into the Verizon Center.

Here it is in action.

This is the back of it.

Now, you are going to tell me that doesn’t have the ability to kill a baby? Like if you held a baby at a distance of 20 paces and peppered it with shirts at max velocity? That thing’s dead is all I’m saying.

Here are the deets, via the DC Sports Bog:

The double-barreled model has 30 barrels, weighs about 600 pounds when fully loaded, stands just shy of 10 feet tall, uses 80 pounds of CO2, and can fire off 60 T-shirts in five seconds.

Like I said. Kill a baby.

[Via DC Sport Bog]