Media Falls For Hoax Of Woman Who Said She Had ‘2 Minute’ Sex With Jahlil Okafor, Threatened To Leak Nudes


Jahlil Okafor has been in the NBA for a minute, but he is already getting a harsh education on the intense scrutiny that he will receive. The 3rd pick in this year’s NBA Draft was criticized for how he put down his jersey when be introduced by the Philadelphia 76ers. Now the media has taken the word of an unknown Twitter account in describing his personal sex life.

Twitter user @QueenChanelK_ told the world that she had a sexual encounter with Okafor and it was rather lackluster. Several media outlets reported on the allegations, here, here, here.

However after I did some Catfish-esque research, and I discovered that @QueenChanelK_’s photo that was only uploaded 14 hours ago.

// to be stolen, and was originally posted by @lyciaaa_, who uploaded it on June 1.


Again, uploaded on June 27.

// account uploads same pic on June 28.


The owner of the original elevator photo even questioned the Twitter account that appears to have stolen her photo.


Queen Chanel K only has seven photos of “herself” and they have all been uploaded on June 28. Before that, the last media activity was on September 8, and before that there are many porn videos.

I don’t like to subscribe to the “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” philosophy, but such mean-spirited accusations about someone’s private personal life needs some proof before it should get reported on. There were no pics of this Queen Chanel K in bed with Okafor or even in his company, so it would be silly to take “her” word for it.

Don’t be so quick to blame athletes, there is so much trickery out there on the Internet.