Woman Gets SMOKED By Football Player In New Ad For Domestic Violence Awareness



Well, this ad is sure to turn some heads. An organization known as UltraViolet, which aims to fight sexism and expand women’s rights, is looking to draw attention to the NFL’s domestic violence problem ahead of the Super Bowl. UltraViolet has previously run Twitter campaigns with the hashtags #GOODELLMUSTGO and #TOMBRADYSBALLS in order to call out the league for sweeping instances of domestic violence under the rug.

The group’s message is going even more public this week, however. On Thursday, a new ad will run on Sports Illustrated’s website, SI.com, which features a football player absolutely BLOWING UP a woman with a vicious tackle. Because football players are all heinous men who attack woman, get it? You can check out the ad below:

It really is a shame that this commercial won’t actually air on national television during the Super Bowl — we can only imagine the reaction that it would get from a national audience. It certainly gets its point across.

h/t HuffingtonPost