D-III Women’s Lacrosse Announcer Can’t Stop Making Tom Haverford ‘Parks And Rec’ References During A Game

This past weekend, the women’s lacrosse team at Stevenson College defeated the Haverford College Black Squirrels at home in Owings Mills, 14-6. With Haverford in town, Baltimore-area sportscaster Glenn Clark used the opportunity to pay tribute to his favorite TV character, Tom Haverford, by dropping TONS of references from Parks and Recreation.

When I found out I was calling Stevenson’s game against Haverford, I thought it might be appropriate to use it as a chance to honor the greatest TV show of my generation and one of my favorite characters. Here are a full of the Tom Haverford-isms I managed to slip into the broadcast.

The call, which you can listen to below, is a wonderful tribute to the show. Here are a handful of the Parks and Recreation references he was able to pepper into his game-call:

Treat yo ‘self to Glenn Clark’s game-call of Stevenson vs. Haverford below:

That Tom Haverford sure loves sports:

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