Where Does This Viral Women’s Soccer Fail Rank On The All-Time List Of Egregious Sports Fails?


Welcome to Fail City, my friends.

I recently came across a viral soccer video courtesy of the ladies of Maidstone United. If you’ve never heard of that team, there’s a reason for it, and it’s probably because they’re hot garbage.

If you don’t believe me, get a load of this mind-bendingly incapable soccer sequence.

Holy hell.

Don’t worry, ladies. You are far from the only ones to fall short of expectations. Check out some of the most head-scratching sports fails I’ve come across during my long tenure working on the interwebs.

French cross country runner Jimmy Gressier picked up two French flags to carry across the finish line at the SPAR European Cross Country Championships. Great runner. Awful showman.

Jacksonville Jaguars training camp, 2017.

Icelandic soccer player suffers brutal own goal.

Speaking of own goals…


Argentinian journalist ends up in hospital after trying to recreate Cristiano Ronaldo’s overhead kick against Juventus.

Get well, pal.

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