These World Cup Jersey Redesigns Are Sick

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Today marks just 100 days until the 2014 World Cup gets underway in Brazil, with the host country taking on Croatia on June 12th. That date, coincidentally, will mark the fifth time a nation has played host to the famed best a second time over.

As we inch closer to the once-every-four-year summer festivity (a tradition foreseeably ruined by Qatar in 2018 as the tournament is set to happen in the winter months), fútbol fans far and wide are gearing up for the world’s celebration of soccer.

One such fan, Reddit user Rojito23, clearly couldn’t contain his excitement anymore, and channeled it into some pretty unique artistry by redesigning all 32 of the participating countries’ jerseys. Most of his renderings are incredibly awesome, so hopefully Rojito does this kind of stuff for a living.

The USA, Brazil, and Ecuador are definitely my favorite designs, but they’re all wild, for sure. Scope them below.

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