Man With Crazy Lungs Sets World Record For Longest Swim Underwater On One Breath

by 2 years ago
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Guinness World Records

Carlos Coste is a free diver from Venezuela who just set the Guinness World Record for longest distance swam underwater while holding breath. Carlos actually first broke this record back in 2010, and he’s been attempting in vain to break his own record for the past 7 years.

After trying in vain to best his previous attempt, Carlos finally broke his own record on a recent open water swim when he went 177 meters (580 feet 8.5 inches) on a single breath. The world record feat took place near Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, and it was certified by a Guinness World Record official:



To put that 177 meters/580 feet in context, the distance of an Olympic sized pool is 50 meters. So Carlos Coste swam over 3 lengths of an Olympic pool on a single breath. Sure, he’s got fins on, but he’s still holding his breath for several minutes all while exerting himself physically. To anyone that doesn’t think this is impressive as hell I challenge you to go try and hold your breath underwater for any amount of time, and then try it while swimming and pumping blood through your heart and see how insanely difficult it is.

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